What I’m Loving, Wednesday//July 11

First and most importantly, happy birthday to my mom and (day late birthday) to my mom in law!! We love you both so much!

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I’m back at it, after skipping last Wednesday, with this weeks’ five favorite things! Just like my last post, these favorites are in no particular order and are not all physical products. I’m just sharing what makes me happy, in hopes that I can inspire you guys to really start noticing the little things in YOUR lives, that make YOU happy! <3 Again, please feel free to share what you’re currently loving in the comments!! 

  1. Miss Fong Mini Diaper Bag– I know that I’ve shared my love for the Miss Fong Bags in the past, but this one is a bit different. This company came out with a mini version a few months ago. I snagged one the day that they were released, but to be completely honest.. I rarely used it. Until now! Greysley is finally reaching the toddler phase where I don’t need to carry quite as many “necessities.” This means that I was able to majorly downsize her bag. I had purchased the mini version, with full intention to have Grey carry it with her snacks/toys inside. HOW CUTE would it have been if I had my full size bag and Grey had her mini?? SOOO CUTE! Except that she wasn’t going for it. She’s such a little shrimp that the mini is still too big for her back.. Soooo, it’s now mine! I can fit diapers, wipes, snacks, her sippy, my wallet, keys, etc. and I still have room. For being a much smaller version, it still holds a lot! I still use my full size version for trips that require a change of clothes or toys, but the mini version is PERFECT for running errands!
  2. Abercrombie Denim– I’ve shared this obsession on my Instagram a lot lately, but it’s seriously too good not to continue raving! I’ve removed all other brands of denim from my closet and slowly started replacing them with just Abercrombie. Here, here and here are three different styles that I’m LOVING. (*tip* NEVER purchase their denim at full price! They run sales constantly, usually BOGO 50% off) I’m not going to go too crazy over this one, but just know… MY BUTT HAS NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD. You need to try them.
  3. Method Multi Purpose Cleaners– I’ve been replacing all of our cleaning products with more natural alternatives and this is a game changer. Every single scent smells like heaven. You don’t get that strong chemical stench, but they still do the job! My favorites are the clementine scent and the lime and sea salt. These actually make me look forward to cleaning!
  4. Drinking Two Bottles Of Water Before My AM Coffee- This totally would not have made the list when I first started doing it. I’m horrible at remembering to drink water throughout the day and challenged myself a few weeks ago to start making this part of my morning. I crave my coffee as soon as I wake up, so now I don’t let myself have any until I drink my water. It was super annoying to start but once I stuck with it for a little over a week, I started to have more energy! Now I look forward to my morning routine!!
  5. Citric Acid– This is a weird favorite, but it had to make my list. We have really bad hard water at our house.. It used to make everything in our dishwasher extremely cloudy. I tried different rinse aids and nothing would help, until l read about Citric Acid! This has saved my dishes!! I sprinkle about a tablespoon amount in with my dishwasher detergent and my dishes come out SPARKLING like they never have before! I ordered mine off of Amazon, but I’m sure that you can find it at your local grocery store!

Again, I know that these lists are super random, but they’re fun to put together! AND I love getting messages/comments from you guys, sharing what you’re loving, too!! 

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Rachel Rowles


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