Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide-Amazon Prime Edition

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If you’re anything like me (which I feel like you are), I’m a HUGE procrastinator. I work my best under pressure and that’s for EVERYTHING, including gift giving. If I wait until the last two weeks, before I’m supposed to give a gift, my mind typically gets the most creative and thoughtful.. Which basically just means that I panic and my brain thinks up the best ideas.

I decided to hold off on posting this until the last minute because I want my procrastinating friends to know, I GET YOU. Procrastinating is my life and we’re in this together!

I’m going to be honest, I waited until only a week before Father’s Day to get a gift for my husband and honestly, I have no shame because it was a pretty freaking good one!

I know that you guys are familiar with my love for wine but in the last year or two, Brandon and I have started experimenting with new beers and breweries. I can proudly say that I went from hating the taste of even the lightest of beer to loving some pretty bold IPA’s. 

The only problem with that is that we have a toddler and only have so much time to “go out” and “grab a beer.” Our local bars typically don’t carry IPA’s (which I now prefer) on draft. Draft beer always seems to enhance a beers flavors and I’ve really grown to enjoy it more than beer out of a can or a bottle (wowww. After not liking beer only a few years ago, I kind of sound like a beer snob). ANYWAY, sometimes it’s just a pain to drive almost an hour for a unique draft. SOOOOO,

When I came across the Fizzics Waytap, I was in awe. I knew right away that this type of gadget was something that Brandon would be obsessed with and my sneaky little self was pretty pumped that I would get to use it, too! 

You can order the Waytap through Amazon Prime, my life-saver. Ours was literally delivered yesterday (told you I waited until the last minute). I couldn’t wait until Father’s Day to give it to Brandon, so we opened it as soon as he got home. Oops! His first words upon unboxing were, “woah. That’s cool.” 

I agree. It’s pretty freaking cool.

The set up was super easy and the directions were a breeze to follow. It took less than 30 seconds to put it together (not even exaggerating). 

As soon as it was set up, we opened up a bottle of Perpetual from Troegg’s Brewery in Hershey, PA. This is one of my favorites! And if you’re ever in Hershey, this brewery is SO FUN.

ANYWAY. To use the Waytap, you just push a button to lift the system canister from the system’s base. You place a can or a bottle of beer into the system’s base and then lower the system’s canister so that the “draft tube” is inserted into the can or bottle. Once the canister is firmly secured on to the base, you’re ready to go! 

Make sure that you tilt your beer glass while pouring! It even tells you how to pour correctly in the directions. 

Brandon is currently standing beside me and his direct quotes are, “It tastes smoother. I feel like it really opens up the flavors.” “I’m good at this. You should let me write your blogs.” Feel free to laugh!

You’re now officially ready to enjoy your draft beer, right in the comfort of your own home! 


The Fizzics Waytap is battery operated, so it can be taken anywhere! Tailgating, cookout, picnic, WHEREVER. It’s so convenient and easy to take along! 

At under $100, the price point for the Fizzics Waytap makes it a perfect Father’s Day gift for the beer loving men in your life. And because it’s an Amazon Prime item, you’ll have it right in time for you man’s special day.. If you order tonight!! 

Already have a Father’s Day gift? Perfect! I’m proud of you!! The Waytap system is an amazing gift for any special occasion.. Birthdays, anniversaries, ANYTHING. It’s that perfect gift-giving price point. He’s going to love it!!  

Incase you don’t have a big beer drinker in your life, here are four other ideas that are all ready to be ordered straight off of Amazon Prime!


  1. Herschel Supply Men’s Roy Rfid Wallet
  2. Thermos Stainless Beverage Bottle
  3. LinkSoul Charcoal Trucker’s Golf Hat
  4. DotDash Kerfuffle Sunglasses


If you’re a last minute shopper like me, please comment below and let me know what you chose for the dads in your life! I’d love to add to my list of ideas!


Like always, thanks so much for reading! Please comment below with any questions!!


Happy Father’s Day!!


This post is in collaboration with . I highly recommend their brand for not only the product itself, but also the extraordinary customer service team!

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