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I’m officially back and I’ve missed you all! I have been in a major writing rut lately.. taking random breaks from social media, trying to find some sort of inspiration to get my creative thoughts flowing again.

I can be scrolling through Instagram one moment and feel super inspired, then the next minute I’m comparing myself to someone else in the most negative way. I feel like it’s so easy to fall into this comparison trap. Everyone does it.. And if you “don’t”, you’re incredibly strong and I NEED you to teach me your ways.

With all of the comparing and just general negativity via social media, I want to create a safe place. A few months ago, I created a Facebook group (Picking Flowers Over Fights) where women of any age/ religion/political view/walk of life could talk to each other, ask questions and just be supported. The group is specifically for women, simply because I want everyone to feel safe talking about anything and EVERYTHING. (Please don’t be offended, male population. This was the easiest way to run things smoothly.) The only rules in the group are that we have to respect and support one another and we don’t talk about politics/religion. (Again, please don’t be offended.)

Not everyone will have similar beliefs or views on every topic. THAT’S OKAY. Thank goodness for varying beliefs and views.. That’s what makes our world beautiful!! The point of the group is to show that we can still support, respect and love each other, DESPITE our differing opinions.

As of now, the group has been incredible. Every single one of these women have not only met, but majorly exceeded my expectations of what I hoped the group could evolve into.

This is why I’m finally sharing with my blog community… I’d like to personally invite all of you to join “Picking Flowers Over Fights”!

I have to sort through and approve every request, so PLEASE make sure that you answer the questions when you send your request to join! This shows me that you understand and will follow the rules. If you do not answer the questions, I can’t approve you. (This gives me the right to remove anyone from the group who is not following the rules (I haven’t had to do this yet <3 )). We’ve had personal conversations about self care, beauty, babies, children, diseases.. SO MANY meaningful things that are hard to open up about through your normal Facebook Feed. We’re here to build each other up!

If you’re already a part of Picking Flowers Over Fights, this is a huge THANK YOU. I seriously love how sweet you’ve all been to one another. Our group wouldn’t be what it is, without YOU.

To join, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!! <3

xo, Rachel Rowles

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