3 Tricks To Grow Your Longest Hair, EVER

Having Greysley did some major damage to my hair.. So worth it, but so much hair loss. I lost clumps at a time and my once long, soft locks turned dry and brittle. Back in the fall, I decide to chop my hair and start fresh. My postpartum hormones were finally regulated and I felt like it was the perfect time to give my hair a healthy makeover. You know how when you first do something drastic to your hair, you kind of freak out? That was me. I was super pumped about my new lob, but it also didn’t take long for me to miss my belly-button-length mane. Since then, I’ve continued to take my prenatal vitamins (when I remember), but I just wasn’t seeing much new growth.

A few weeks ago I decided that I was going to start (and stick to) a good healthy hair regimen. I’m on a mission to get my long hair back!!! Since I’ve started doing only a few new things, I’ve seen major hair growth.. I know that this seems far-fetched, but my hair has literally grown an inch in less than three weeks! So here I am, ready to share the hair growth secrets that work for me!!

Tip #1- Coconut Oil!! I’ve always been a major fan of coconut oil. I swear I use it more than any other product in this house! For years I’ve done a coconut oil hair soak that has always left my hair feeling amazing and so shiny afterward.. I don’t get fancy with mine, but you can always find cool recipes on Pinterest. I literally just wet my hair and then massage enough coconut oil all through it until my hair is a saturated greasy mess. Make sure that you massage your scalp and brush the oil down through your hair (get a cheap brush for this so that you don’t ruin your “good” brush). That’s it! I keep this in my hair over night and then in the morning, I wash it out. *Use an old pillowcase* When washing coconut oil out of your hair, “wash” it with conditioner first. The conditioner helps break down the oil and remove it from your strands! After this, you shampoo and then you condition AGAIN. I’ve been doing this once a week for the last month and it is making a huge difference!! (I linked the brand that I get ((in a big tub)), but you can find other brands in smaller containers!)

Tip #2-Collagen Powder!! I’m the worst at remembering to take vitamins or basically anything that involves a structured routine, but the one thing that I stay constant with is my morning coffee. When I started researching hair growth, I came across a lot of suggestions saying that collagen is a miracle worker. I mean, it makes complete sense.. Our hair, skin and nails are already made of collagen. When you add more of it into your diet, it can make make a huge impact on the health and growth of these body parts! After reading that you can simply mix a scoop of collagen powder into your morning coffee every day, I was sold! There’s no way that I will forget to make my coffee.. and guess what, haven’t forgotten a single day. I’ve been taking this for almost three weeks and I really think that this is helping! There are a ton of brands of collagen, but I chose this brand because it was cheap and it had amazing reviews!

Tip #3- Skip That Shampoo- This has been an on-going experiment for me and it grosses Brandon out like crazy! You really have to get your scalp used to this one (especially if your hair can be an oily mess like mine). I’ve been doing this since Greysley was born and at first it was just because I didn’t have time to shower. Now I do it for the health benefits for my scalp and hair. –Our hair needs the natural oils that our scalp produces in order for it to grow healthily. Because of this, I only wash my hair every 3 or 4 days. Depending on what I have going, I will either skip shampoo and just condition my hair or I will just completely not even wet my hair in the shower. Yes, that means that sometimes I go four whole days without putting shampoo or conditioner in my hair. Thank God Brandon is already stuck with me, AM I RIGHT?


These three tips are such small changes, but they make SUCH a HUGE difference! I swear guys, even if you just try out one of them and stick to it, you’ll see significant differences in your hair!! Mine is already SO much healthier!


A few other random hair products that I really love are:

Batiste Dry Shampoo (I get the dark hair version)- This is an absolute necessity for those no wash days!! It saves my life.

Chi Silk Infusion– Want super shiny hair?? This stuff is amazing!!! And a tiny bit goes a longgggg way, so it lasts forever!

Nume Curling Wand– I hate using curling irons and I feel like my flat iron majorly damages my hair, but this thing works wonders!












**These are just my personal results and items that I truly love and use. Results may vary. Please consult your physician before using products that may cause an allergy or any other negative reaction.**

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