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A week or so ago, I shared a recipe for a DIY facial moisturizer on my IG stories. I’ve had such amazing responses from others who have since tried/love this recipe and I’m still getting a lot of questions about it.. So, for anyone who didn’t get a chance to screenshot, here it is!

My adorable grandma made this lotion as a cute little stocking stuffer, so I can’t even take credit for it! It was intended to be a “body” lotion, but I decided to try it on my face and I fell in love!! It’s made my pores look much smaller and my dark spots fade dramatically. *One thing that I didn’t share in my stories and that I need to mention is that you just want to be careful when applying this prior to sun exposure. Citric essential oils make your skin very sensitive to sunlight.* Please also make sure that you are using high-quality, pure essential oils. I prefer Doterra or Young Living.

Orange You Glad Facial Moisturizer

½ cup coconut oil, melted

1 cup pure aloe vera gel

25-30 drops orange essential oil

Whisk ingredients together and store in lidded jar.


A little goes a long way and I prefer to use my moisturizer before bed. My face is still typically oily in the morning, so I just apply my makeup or tinted moisturizer directly over my bed-time grease (gross, right?).

Obviously everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to various products. I’m sharing my own success with these recipe, in hopes that they will also help you!



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  1. I la-la-love skincare tips like this, especially holistic or natural ones! I’ve been switching over to more natural skincare products/treatments so I’ll definitely be sure to try this one out! Great job girl.


    The Canadian Creative

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