Doing The TwistShake

From the time that Greysley was just one month old, we struggled to get her to drink from a bottle. At the time, I was exclusively nursing, however, we would try a bottle at least once or twice a week. We hoped that if she figured it out, it would allow me to leave her with her dad while I had some independence (you know, like maybe a solo trip to grab groceries.) Week after week and one failed attempt after another, we pretty much gave up on the bottle. We tried again when she was about 5 months old and still, no interest. We tested different brands, different nipple-flows, EVERYTHING.. and still, nothing. At around 8 months, I started working a few hours a day and left Greysley with her grandparents. She still refused bottles and within two weeks, my supply tanked.

Finally, as I was getting desperate, Brandon’s saint of a cousin (shout out to Britt B) sent us a box of bottles that her daughters no longer used; inside the box was our winner. Greysley took an entire 6 ounces like it was nothing. This began our transition in to formula.

-The bottle that Grey finally took is linked below, but (at the time) was a $20 bottle and as much as it really did work, that’s just not realistic. SOOOO, flash forward to a month later:

Twist Shake Baby reached out to me about choosing one of their products to test and promote. After browsing their site and reading up on their reviews, I figured it was worth a shot. But would my picky baby be open to a different bottle? I was ready to find out.

Twist Shake offers a wide range of baby products; bottles, pacifiers, sippys, tableware, teethers and more. Their products come in a wide range of colors (EVEN BLACK!!! How freaking cute?!) and are BPA-, BPS- and BPF-free. The brand was created to provide safe products that are also stylish and practical. Their bottles, specifically, are created with an anti-colic system and offer a mixing net that helps break up the formula clumps.

I decided to test out one of their 9 oz. bottles and see if it could compete with our (ridiculous) $20 brand. After receiving our bottle in the mail, I washed and sanitized, then mixed up my formula.. The mixing process is incredible. Our formula gets clumpy and is hard shake up, but Twist Shake’s mixing net cut our shaking time in more than half. But would Grey take it?


She slurped that bottle down with no issues and even tried to hold it herself (she’d never done that before). Saying that I was impressed is a huge understatement. I thought, ‘surely this is just a weird one-time thing.. Grey doesn’t take just any bottle.’ So we tried it again at our next feeding. She put it down in no time. Weird…

This continued a few more times, until I finally gave up my skepticism. She loved this bottle. Twist Shake is my daughter’s new favorite bottle AND it makes the formula shaking process super simple AND their bottles are under $10? HUGE MOM WIN.

(I’m always annoyingly skeptical, so I went back and tested out a few of the bottles that we had originally tried and she still wouldn’t take them. This finally proved to me that Twist Shake was seriously magical.)


If you’d like to give Twist Shake a try, they were sweet enough to offer my readers a 30% off discount code. Just go to and use “RACHELROWLES30” at checkout to save!!


xo, Rachel


*Grey had taken a bottle for us in her first month, it was only after that when she started refusing them. In her first month she liked Tommee Tippee and then after her strike/before Twist Shake, she took Minbie (was $20, now it’s about half the price).


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