Holiday Gift Guide- Baby/Toddler Edition

With this being our daughter’s first Christmas, my husband and I decided that we wanted to start the tradition of having a “minimal Christmas.” We both love the idea of treating our children to gifts and going along with the Santa fun, but we decided that only giving four(ish) gifts would be best for our growing family. Last year, I saw a blog post from a family who had a very similar tradition and I thought this was the coolest idea! The family gifted their children based on, “something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read. Plus, whatever can fit in my stocking.” I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

In this guide, I’ll be sharing all of Greysley’s first Christmas gifts, as well as some other ideas that I think are adorable and really make me wish that we hadn’t implemented the four gift rule! (Holding back from buying your baby everything that you think they’d love is the hardest thing, EVER.) Because babies change and develop so quickly, I didn’t want to base this guide off of a specific age/number. I chose to include ideas for both babies and toddlers, trying to find options that can grow with your child.

  1. Teamson Kids Rustic Woodland Play Kitchen– I can’t even take the cuteness of this kitchen!!! This is Greysley’s “want” gift this year and I think I’m more excited than she will be. I loved to pretend and play house whenever I was little and I’m really hoping that Greysley has that type of imagination, too. Teamson Kids has the most adorable play kitchens and they are great quality. I love that this Rustic Woodland Kitchen is basically a miniature of our cabinets. It matches our home perfectly (major mom win). When I ordered this set, it was a bit more than I was willing to spend. This kitchen, in this color, is a new release for Teamson Kids and I found it on Hayneedle for $200. I then, found a $20 off coupon through Retail Me Not, which brought me down to $180. Now, the price jumped up to $280. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but if I see that the price goes back down, I’ll keep you posted!! Because I’m a freak and wanted to make sure that we had all of our pieces, my husband and I put this together last night. It took us a couple of hours, but it looks amazing! If the price does drop on this again, I HIGHLY recommend! If you’re not a fan of this style and are looking for less expensive options, here are a few of Teamson Kid’s other versions that are also perfect Christmas gifts!! Urban Adventure Grey. Urban Adventure Teal. Sunday Brunch Play Kitchen.
  2. EZPZ mini mat– These mats were featured on the show “Shark Tank” and since then, have taken off in the baby industry! They’re seriously brilliant!! EZPZ is a silicone mat, that replaces tableware for your child. These mats are dishwasher safe and stick right to the table or high chair, helping to keep you from having a super messy situation at every meal. This is Greysley’s “need” gift and I can’t wait to start using it. We got Greysley the blush color, but I’m loving all of their other colors and sizes, too. The mini mat can be rolled up, packed in the diaper bag and taken along anywhere… perfect for restaurants!!
  3. Baby Chuck Taylors– This one was a bit of a combo gift and isn’t even technically meant for Greysley, but we’re calling it her “something to wear.” My husband always complains that I have matching outfits for myself and Grey, so he’s been begging for a pair of shoes to wear with her. I found out that lets you personalize a ton of their shoes, including Converse! Sooooo, I designed and personalized matching Chuck’s for Brandon and Greysley!! They are the cutest little sneakers that I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see Grey matching her daddy. (I’ll share pictures of their actual personalized sneakers after Christmas. I don’t want Brandon to see them yet.)
  4. Personalized Book by I See Me Books– I’ve used I See Me Books for gifts in the past and they have never disappointed. For Christmas, I wanted to personalize a book for Greysley’s “something to read.” I found this book called, “My Very Own Name” that tells an entire story, spelling out your child’s name. The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and it’s the cutest little story!! *I also highly recommend their book, “If My Dog Could Talk.” We gave this as a gift to my dog-loving sister in law and made it all about her pet… Her reaction was priceless!
  5. Fisher-Price Classics Music Box Record Player– HOLY CUTE. I’m not letting myself buy this one, because we already have Grey’s four gifts.. but it is adorable!!! Fisher-Price came out with their Classics Collection and I love them all! They are remakes of some of their original toys, so they look vintage and cute. This record player is so fun!!
  6. Fisher-Price Classics See n’ Say Farmer Says– Another Classic, but it’s definitely a toy to grow with your child! There are other versions of this toy, but I’m loving the vintage look of this one. Perfect for teaching animals and their noises!
  7. Joovy Spoon Walker– I’ve talked about this product before, in my Neutral Baby Gear post, but we are still loving it and I think it would make a perfect “big” gift item for any baby! Greysley literally RUNS around our house in this walker. The tray is removeable and dishwasher safe, making it the perfect place to feed her snacks. The tray is also really big! I wasn’t sure how I felt about having such a big tray, until Grey started getting into everything. Now, this huge tray helps to limit her reach!!
  8. JellyCat Robyn Reindeer– I found this stuffed reindeer a few weeks ago and have been thinking about how cute it is ever since!! This would make the perfect gift alongside Jellycat’s reindeer book or any Christmas book.
  9. Old Navy Honeycomb Beanie– I scored this beanie on sale about a month ago and Greysley has been living in it!! I swear in the last two weeks, we’ve gotten at least 75 compliments on it. Every time that we go somewhere, she wears it and everyone is obsessed (me too). She keeps it on and it matches everything! Old Navy is always running some sort of sale, so make sure to use a coupon code!!
  10. Melissa and Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans– This is going to be a first birthday gift for Greysley, but I had to share! All of Melissa and Doug’s products are amazing quality, but these pots and pans are so fun for a learning baby. I’d rather not have Grey using my pots and pans to clang around, but these are perfect sized (and shiny!!).
  11. Babylit Books– I found these books on Amazon a few weeks ago and I am soooo in love!! I’m a huge reader and I’m a pretty big fan of (some of) the classics. These books are primers of classic literature pieces, made specifically for babies. If you already know the classic stories, you’ll think that these books are adorable! They typically only have a few words per page, but they’re focused on teaching colors/shapes/letters/animals, etc.


If you have any questions about any of these products, please ask in the comments!! Happy Holiday Shopping!

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