Holiday Gift Guide- New Mom Edition

‘Tis the season to have no idea what to buy for anyone.

At least that’s how it is in our household. I love, love, love the holidays.. But they can also be so stressful! I get actual anxiety trying to make sure that I choose gifts that I know everyone will enjoy. It’s always great to be thoughtful, but I feel like sometimes I probably put too much thought into gifts.. And then I stress myself out even more. That’s why I’ve decided to round up gift guides for all of you and the people in your lives. Hopefully by sharing some fun ideas, I can help to ease the pressure of choosing that “perfect” gift or maybe, I can just help get you in the holiday spirit!

I’ll be sharing various themed guides throughout the next few weeks, but we’re going to start off with a “New Mom Edition.”

This guide is truly special to me because I was blessed with so much love and support through my pregnancy and postpartum months. I LOVE the thought of other new mommys experiencing the same pampering and comfort. Most of these items I have either used or still use and highly recommend.

  1. Miss Fong Diaper Bag– You can look back at my previous posts about how much I adore this bag, so I won’t make you read another rant about how perfect it is… BUT I do think that this is the number one gift that a new mom would love to receive. It’s stylish, easy to clean and because it’s a backpack, super functional! Winner, winner.
  2. Candles– I’m a sucker for a good candle and I love the thought of being home with my baby in a cozy, fresh-smelling house. I swear by my diffuser throughout the night, but during the day the smell of a burning candle just gives me all of those happy feelings. I prefer lavender scent, because it’s relaxing and soothing.
  3. Gift Cards for Takeout– Balancing being a new mom with the responsibilities of a normal life can become overwhelming very quickly. We were blessed with a great church, friends and family who provided meals for us right after our daughter was born. This meant the world to me because it meant that I had one less thing to worry about. Finding a local restaurant, that delivers, is a really easy way to help a mom out. Just give a gift card and you’ve saved her from hours of stress.
  4. A Cozy Robe– I ordered a robe from Pink Blush with intentions of wearing it in the hospital, during delivery. I ended up completely forgetting about wearing my robe and just hung out in my gorgeous hospital gown (gag). BUT when I got home from the hospital, my robe became my go-to piece of clothing. I wore this robe constantly because it was comfortable and the easiest thing to wear for nursing. Even now that I’m no longer nursing, this is my most comfortable robe and I wear it almost every morning.
  5. Cozy pajamas– Adding to the coziness.. if you really want to make the new mom in your life happy, give her a pair of soft jammies. I’m loving this season’s velvet trend and when we’re talking velvet and lounge-wear, I am ALL ABOUT IT.
  6. Norwex Body Cloths– The dirty secret (please laugh at me) of new mom life is, showers rarely happen. When they do happen, it’s the best thing in the world. BUT those moments of heaven are definitely rare. I started using Norwex Body Cloths during my pregnancy because I became terrified of chemicals (I’ll do a whole post on that someday). These are microfiber cloths that contain “Baclock” technology, which is antibacterial and used to kill odor/bacteria, sans the harsh chemicals. They come in packs of three, which I separate for body and face. These things take your makeup off better than makeup remover and make your body feel so soft and clean. They make showers and personal cleanliness way less time consuming. This is like the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. A Quick and Easy Face Mask– My favorite way to pamper myself at home, is by putting on a good face mask and taking 15 minutes to just breathe and chill. I’ve found these two masks to be my favorites and I swear that they are both miracle workers. This Amazonian Clay Mask is super fun. It works in conjunction with Apple Cider vinegar to deep clean your pores. You combine equal parts mask and vinegar and apply it to your face. Once it sets for 15ish minutes (tingling your face), you rinse it off. DONE. My face feels so smooth and looks extremely glowy after this one. My other favorite is this Deep Sea Mud Mask. I have a major problem with big pores and black heads. This mask makes my pores look smaller and helps draw out all of the disgustingness. Either of these options are super simple and quick for that busy-new mom life.
  8. Corkcicle Travel Mug– I’ve been a huge Corkcicle fan for a while now, but I’ve been a huge coffee fan FOREVER. I’m not sure what I would’ve done in my early motherhood life, without a good coffee thermos. Pouring coffee into your typical coffee cup, taking a sip (or not even getting a chance), baby cries, feed baby, change baby, go back to coffee (it’s cold), reheat coffee… On repeat, all day. If you have a good coffee thermos, it keeps your coffee hot all day. No reheating. Plus, Corkcicle products look nice and make amazing gifts!
  9. Babywise– This is a mom’s best friend, in book form. I swear this book changed our lives. It’s basically an amazing guide on how to implement a routine in your baby’s life. Everything in the book guides you to getting your child to sleep well and it truly works. I’m not going to spill all of the details, but this is a must-have for new parents!
  10. Photo Album and Gift Certificate to Local Photographer– I love taking pictures. I love having pictures taken. I love looking at other peoples’ pictures. I love pictures. AND I love the thought of giving a new mom a gift certificate to capture memories of her family. I took a lot of pictures when Greysley was first born, but some of my favorites were taken by a local photographer that we adore. For any local readers, she’s linked right here. (highly recommend) Having professional pictures of your new family makes any parent happy and proud.

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