How I Saved Hundreds on My Holiday Shopping (And Finished Before Halloween)

Imagine sitting on your sofa, in your sweats, sipping your coffee (or wine… I don’t judge) and knocking out all/most of your Christmas shopping. You don’t have to go out into the craziness or heck, even put on pants.. All while saving a ton of money, with every available coupon AND earning cashback on each of your purchases.

This is real; you read that right.

That’s exactly what I’m doing and is why, for the first time EVER, I’m (all but) finished Christmas shopping in October. I’m working on holiday gift guides that I’ll share in the next few weeks, but until then… Let’s talk about how I saved a ton of money and knocked out my gift shopping not only prior to Thanksgiving, but even before Halloween. I’m the queen of Christmas Eve shopping, so this is a huge deal in our house.

A couple years ago, I found this app called Shopular. It organized coupons for hundreds of stores, all in one place. I was able to set up my account and select all of the stores that I regularly shop at. Then, Shopular organized my personalized “feed” and filled it with all of the current ads and promotions from my selected stores. How cool, right? If I wanted to shop online, I would just pull up this app and it would show me all of the current promotions and coupons for that specific store. I could click the link and Shopular would send me directly to that store’s website, where I would be able to shop with my coupon! SCORE.

Fast forward to more exciting news. Shopular now works with Ebates! What does that mean?

WE SAVE MONEY AND EARN CASH BACK. No lie. Told ya this was huge.

Ebates works with A TON of stores, offering cash back on your online (and even some in store) purchases. Occasionally, they offer “double cash back” on random stores, which scores you even more cash back! The huge thing about Shopular working in conjunction with Ebates is that you can shop through Shopular’s app, see all of the current flyers and sales, use any of the available coupons and earn whatever cash back percentage is currently available. That adds up so quickly!!!

I love using Shopular for purchases that I “need” to make. For example, Greysley is about to grow out of all of her pants. I just pulled up the Shopular app, clicked on Old Navy and saw that they are running a 30% off coupon. I just ordered her 6 pairs of pants, applied the 30% promo and only spent $42.70. Then, on top of that, I got 2% cash back (doesn’t seem like much right now, but this adds up quickly).

*BIG NEWS FOR YOU* On your first purchase, through Shopular/Ebates, you get $10 cash back on a $25 purchase! This, combined with your other savings, makes your first purchase a major steal!! Cash back is paid every 3 months, in what is called their “Big Fat Check.” If that doesn’t entice you, what will?

My last favorite way to earn cash back through Shopular is just by sharing your newest obsession with your friends!! Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it scores you $10 cash back, just for making that first $25 purchase. I promise that if you start making it a habit to pull up the Shopular app for your online purchases, your rebates are going to add up! Plus, this gives the easiest access to thousands of coupons!! Whether your shopping in store or browsing online, make sure to search for the most current flyers and coupons via Shopular. Use your coupons, earn your cashback and let’s make this holiday the thriftiest yet! <3

To sign up and get all prepped for the holidays.. Go ahead, put on your coziest sweats, pour that coffee (cough, cough, *wine*) and sign up through my personalized link!

 Rachel Rowles for Shopular

Happy Savings!!!


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