A Mommy (And Daddy) Must-Have // Our Corkcicle Obsession.

You know how sometimes, you find a product that you just can’t stop talking about?

For me, it’s my new Corkcicle Bottle.

I had heard AMAZING things about this brand. So, when I stumbled upon one on our family vacation, I was super eager to try it out! The selling point, for me, was that the 25 oz. version can hold an entire bottle of wine and keep it cold for 25 hours. (but let’s be real, whose bottle of wine actually last for 25 hours…). #noshameinmywinegame

I tested my Corkcicle out as soon as I bought it and sure enough, it kept my drinks ice cold.. on a hot day, on the beach, IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. I intentionally didn’t finish my drink that day, because I wanted to see if it would actually stay cold for the promised 25 hours. After over 25 hours, my drink was still its original temperature!! I was shocked.

We’ve dropped way too much money on Yeti products that look nice and do their jobs, but haven’t impressed us near as much as our Corkcicle. My Corkcicle keeps my drinks cold much longer than my Yeti, looks way more stylish and has a ton of color options! There are colors for both men and women!!

For over $30, is it worth it? In my opinion, YES!! If you’re going to splurge on a Yeti or another ridiculously priced cool-cup, I 100% vote Corkcicle. Plus, there’s an actual bottle-lid to prevent spills!


*I know that I mentioned using my Corkcicle for my “mommy juice”… but on the complete opposite side of things, Corkcicle would be amazing at keeping water or milk warm for your baby, while travelling! It keeps drinks hot for 12 hours!! Just don’t mix up your beverages!!!


I love sharing products that I love and use every day!! If you have any questions, as usual, please feel free to ask!

xo, Rachel Rowles



I will always share and promote products that I, myself and my family, use and love. I will never promote anything that has not been tested by myself, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. I know you love a bargain!! So here ya go. I bought a “Bubba” container, same characteristics as the above mentioned. I can put an iced drink in it in the AM and the next morning I get a sip and IT IS STILL COLD!! BEST OF ALL, I PAID $10

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