When Pink or Blue Aren’t For You // Neutral Baby Gear For The Modern Mama


When I discovered baby items that weren’t just “pink or blue,” I was pumped.  I wanted the safest products for my family, but was also determined to find pieces that didn’t scream “there’s a baby girl/boy in this house.” Our home is super monochromatic and I wanted items that matched my neutral style.

By now, you all know that I’m pretty thrifty, but when it comes to baby gear.. I feel that splurging can definitely be worth it. My goal was to find the safest items, that would last for any future babes, all while fitting into our lifestyle. Even if we spent a little more now, these items should hold up through multiple children, saving us money in the end.


Here are some of my favorite baby items (so far). We love each of these items and are incredibly thankful to have them. Every baby and family is different, so products that my family loves, may not be as great of a fit for the next family. I’ll try to share as much as I can. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

  1. Dockatot– This is the holy grail of baby products. It’s the number one thing that I recommend to new parents.. I wish they made this in an adult-size. The Dockatot mimics the womb, by cushioning your baby into a secure sleep position. It’s completely breathable, so I’ve never had to worry about Greysley rolling over. We have used this since our first day home and have loved it ever since. I can move it from one room, to the next and Greysley is able to comfortably sleep wherever we are. We use our Dockatot not only for naps and sleep at night, but also for playtime and tummy time. The rounded edges are perfect to help your baby strengthen their neck and back muscles, when used correctly. The Dockatot’s cover is removeable, which makes it extremely easy to wash and keep up with. We have the “pristine white,” but I also wrap ours with Aden and Anais Swaddles (also completely breathable.)
  2. Mamaroo– Another God-sent item. Whoever invented the Mamaroo, I LOVE YOU. We bought ours used and saved a ton of money, but it just completely broke down on us about a month ago.. and we obviously don’t have a warranty. I couldn’t justify paying full price on the Mamaroo until I knew that Greysley would like it, though, so I can’t be too upset. She slept in this for the entire first two months. (Please don’t judge. She loved it, so I loved it and we all loved our sleep.) Even now that it doesn’t move, we still use it as a seat in our living room. It blends in with our home so well that until Grey grows out of it, I have no desire to pack it up.I do think that you should borrow a Mamaroo and try it with your baby before you buy your own. At least I know that I will for any future babes. I don’t hear many stories of babies not liking the Mamaroo, but it’s an expensive investment and I would hate to blow that kind of money on something that my babe hates.*Side note- I don’t think our Mamaroo broke down because there was anything wrong with the product itself. Greysley had a ton of projectile spit ups in her first months and I’m pretty sure that they got down in the machine and eventually destroyed it. My bad for not taking it apart to check and clean the base out after every time. I just didn’t even think about it.
  3.  Ikea Crib/Mattress- We’ll just keep going with the sleep theme. Before we even knew the gender of our babe, I went kind of nursery crazy. I couldn’t wait to decorate and knew that no matter the gender of our first baby, I wanted furniture that we could re-use for our future kid/s. I started searching pretty hard for a crib that I liked. I found a ton of them on Wayfair and AllModern, but they were way out of our price-range. Then, I found the Ikea crib. I had seen it all over Pinterest, but could not figure out where this crib was from. Finally, it showed up on a list of most popular baby items and I knew it was the one. It’s so simple, so cute and so affordable. We bought the mattress and crib sheets to go with it and I have no regrets. Greysley sleeps in her Dockatot, inside of her crib, for almost all of her naps and all through the night. And it converts into a toddler bed. Major win.
  4. Ikea high chair– While I browsed Ikea’s site for a good crib, I also started checking out their other baby items. I found this high chair and I knew that it had to be ours. It matched our home perfectly and had really great reviews. I was all over it and placed the order without hesitation. We just started using our chair and I still love it as much as the day we bought it. My only regret is that I wish I would have also bought this high chair, too. It can be easily taken apart and packed away for travel. We spend a lot of time outside and this would have been perfect to take to picnics or even just to set up on our deck for dinners outside. I think that I’m going to pick it up the next time that we hit up an ikea, but for just one chair, I don’t really want to pay for the shipping. This one is SUPER cheap, looks so modern and my favorite part is that there’s an Etsy shop that offers tray inserts to dress it up. Search Etsy for, “Yeah Baby Goods.”.
  5.  Bumbo– I feel like everyone recommends the Bumbo. It makes sitting your baby up so easy. Greysley really wants to sit up on her own and she doesn’t want my help. This seat helps her to do that. Plus, my hands are free and I can actually get a few things done! Bumbo just came out with a line of neutral colors. In the past, they only offered bright colors.. blue, pink, purple, green.. But now you can get gray!
  6. Jolly Jumper– In the last month, Greysley has wanted to be on the move ALL OF THE TIME. I knew that we needed to invest in some sort of bouncer or jumper for this independent little chic. I began researching different options and had heard great things about the Jolly Jumper, so that’s what we chose. You can choose between the doorway hanger or an independent jumper stand. Because we don’t have many good doorway options, we decided to go with the jumper stand. I love it!! When the stand is put together, it does take up a lot of room… But when it’s folded up, it can be easily hidden. The seat is soft and fits Greysely perfectly. There are straps, buttons and Velcro that hold her in place, so she’s secure and safe. The first few times that I strapped her in and hooked her up to the jumper, I thought the process was a little bit complicated. After about the third time, it was so easy and simple.
  7.  Joovy Spoon Walker– Another fun product, that we just introduced, is the Joovy Spoon Walker. Greysley is still a bit too petite to fully enjoy this walker, but we have been using it for a short period each day. I read a ton of reviews on this.. Both positive and negative. I decided that this walker was best for us because it’s safe, has a huge tray (that can be removed for cleaning) and the whole walker can be collapsed, to be put away. I will share more information on this walker as we use it.
  8. Eames Style Rocker– Our house is pretty small, so I knew that we would need a smaller-scale rocker. I found this one that actually matches our dining chairs and I LOVE it. It is very petite, but that’s what makes it great for our space. I kept this in our living room for months, but recently put it in Grey’s bedroom and I love it in there! It’s big enough that she and I can snuggle and read stories, but small enough that I can carry it from room to room with no issues.
  9.  Tommee Tippee (everything)- Tommee Tippee is hands down my favorite bottle brand. Greysley has been exclusively breastfed (so far), but we introduced bottles pretty early. We wanted to be sure that she would eat, if I ever had to leave her with a sitter. She took on to this bottle pretty quickly and we haven’t had to experiment with other brands. I chose Tommee Tippee because I had heard so many positive stories and experiences with this company, over other well-known bottles. I also love the accessories that this brand offers, too. We have the sterilizer and the bottle warmer. They are both great and I love that I can leave them sit on my counter and they don’t scream “baby items.”
  10. Wooden Brush Set– Greysley was born with a pretty full head of hair and we have loved this soft brush. The bristles are so smooth, which makes her completely relax while I comb. I love the look of these brushes and Grey is all for the head massage.


*All of the products listed above have their own guidelines on when and how to use each product. I am only sharing my love for each of these items. Please read and follow all of the safety information, provided in each link.





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