Why Microblading is my New BFF and Should Be Yours, Too.


Microblading, oh Microblading… Where do I even begin when trying to explain this magical procedure?!

Recently, microblading has become a game changer in the beauty world and after doing months of research, I’ve got all of the details and I’m sharing my own microblading experience.

“So like, what’s microblading?” I’ve been sharing my before/after pictures and my phone has been blowing up with questions. As popular as this procedure has become, it’s still new enough that not everyone has heard of it and that’s why, I’m here to share all of the juicy details.

Despite the popular misconception, microblading is not simply “tattooing” your eyebrows. You may be imagining those sharpie-looking, inked up brows, but these are natural looking works of art.. right in the middle of your face. REAL LIFE WORKS OF ART, guys. This completely natural look is created by a special blade that allows the artist to draw on individual strokes, creating the look of actual eyebrow hair. Microblading is considered “permanent makeup,” however, it should really be called “semi-permanent.”

After your first microblading appointment, your eyebrows may subtly fade throughout the first month. This is all part of the healing process. Everyone’s skin is different and depending on age/skin type/oiliness/dryness the ink may absorb better or fade faster for each person. This is why a four week follow up appointment is necessary. Most microblading technicians include this follow up appointment in their price, but just be sure to ask whenever booking your original appointment. The follow up is to touch up any spots that may have faded or peeled during the first month of healing. After the follow up appointment, your new and beautiful brows should last for up to 18 months. Again, this will all depend on how your skin reacts to and absorbs the ink. They may fade a bit faster or last months longer.

“So what should I expect when I go to my first appointment?” Here is where I get to gush about how freaking amazing my brow lady is. Just be prepared, I’m not even slightly exaggerating.. She just impressed me SO MUCH. Before booking an appointment, I did a ton of reading and spent crazy amounts of time stalking before and after pictures. I wanted to find someone who created natural looking brows, had great reviews and was clean. No, not just clean.. I wanted to make sure the person drawing on my face was STERILE. (I’ll get into that later) I finally found the Picasso of eyebrows. Meet Camille, of Forever Lovely By Camille.

Camille has been in the permanent makeup business for years and she’s legit. And whenever I say she’s legit, I mean that she legitimately has taken all of the proper, educational steps to become a permanent makeup artist. In my state, Pennsylvania, tattoos and permanent makeup are not regulated. This basically means that anyone can pick up a tattoo gun or a microblade and call themselves a “professional.” This can all be fine and great, after years of practice, but it can also be dangerous and extremely unsanitary.

In 2013, Camille was trained by world renown artist and educator, Rose Marie Beauchman at the Beau Institute for Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, in New Jersey. When Camille explained to me that anyone could just decide to be a permanent makeup artist, my mind when straight to all of the sketchy “$100” permanent eyeliner deals that you see online and I was terrified. These people could just pick up a tattoo gun, call themselves a professional and then permanently mess up your eyes/face. NO THANK YOU.

That’s why, in this field, it’s soooooo important to do your research. As Camille and I talked about how scary this is, she also explained the importance of being insured. She stated, “I would recommend that if someone is looking for an (permanent makeup) artist, they find someone with training from a reputable source. The artist should be up to date on their blood borne pathogen certification and you need to make sure that they are insured. Finding someone who is insured is huge because the insurance company asks a ton of questions, making sure that the artist knows what they’re doing. The insurance company needs to know where you get all of your tools and inks and also how these items are sanitized, etc. Basically, if they have any doubts that you’re not doing things safely and properly, they won’t insure you.” Camille is insured and she purchases high quality tools/inks, from well-known sanitary facilities.

Now, let’s get back to the process! I walked in, greeted by Camille’s smiling face, and we got straight to work. Camille made sure that I didn’t have any allergies and then she applied numbing cream to my eyebrows. She then gave me all of the forms that I needed to fill out. Basically, these forms made sure that I wouldn’t have a negative reaction to the ink and helped her to understand my health history, making sure that I was a safe candidate for permanent makeup. This is also where I filled out the insurance form and then we both signed the form, to be sent to the insurance company. Camille was great about asking if I had any questions, all throughout the process. She made sure that I felt comfortable and knew what she was doing all of the time. I felt so at home!!

Microblading is typically a 2-3 hour job. If a microblading artist tells you that you’ll be in and out in an hour (in your first appointment), you probably don’t want to let that person touch your face. The process of shaping your brows takes about half of the time because it’s so tedious and precise. Camille was amazing at perfecting my brow shape and making sure that we were both truly happy with how they looked, all before she even broke out the microblade.

Camille based my “new” brows off of the shape of my natural brow, my face’s bone structure and the natural lines of my eyes and nose. Before doing anything permanent, she draws on your eyebrows to make sure that they look perfect. She turned my face into an actual map, making sure that everything would look natural. I think that this was my favorite part of the whole procedure.. It was so cool learning that everyone’s bone structure varies so greatly. I learned that my right eyebrow bone is higher than my left, which Camille was able to compensate for by filling one differently than the other. She was excellent at making sure that my brows looked like they were meant for MY FACE and weren’t just stenciled on there. I had gone in thinking, “I’m all about this big brow trend and I can’t wait to leave my appointment with big, full brows.” Camille made me think otherwise, THANK GOD. She explained that this whole big brow thing is just a trend and though microblading is considered “semi-permanent,” it stays on your face for a long time. Once you have those big brows, you’ll have them for a while.. Even when they’re not “in” anymore. What doesn’t go out of style? Natural beauty.. And yes, I still consider microbladed brows to be “natural beauty.” This is what makes microblading so amazing! It’s all about enhancing what you already have.

After Camille shaped and reshaped my brows until I was absolutely in love with the look, we talked about what color would look best on my face, based on skin-tone, natural brow color and my dyed-hair color. Because I had no idea what the best option was, Camille actually combined two colors to create a customized shade that she thought would look best. (true artist) Next, we were able to start the actual procedure. MICROBLADING TIME!!! I was super nervous for this part, because I had no idea if it would hurt or if I could even feel anything. She applied numbing cream multiple times throughout the process, so I never actually felt pain, but it definitely felt like a little pinch/tickle. Everyone does have a different pain tolerance level, though. *Fun fact- When she initially started the microblading, it made me sneeze like crazy! Every time that she started, I would feel a tickle in my nose and then sure enough, sneeze. I guess this actually happens pretty often, but I thought that it was hilarious!

Like I said previously, microblading is so natural looking because the “hairs” are individually placed. As Camille filled in my brows and continued her artistry, she added more numbing cream, as needed. After perfectly sculpting and drawing, she coated my brows with more ink, allowing it to sink in and evenly absorb. TAH-DAH! Finished. Gorgeous, right?

Totally kidding! After she allowed the ink to absorb for a bit, she cleaned up this craziness and was able to see if she missed any spots or if she needed to add anything else. She showed me my “finished” brows and I was instantly IN LOVE. My once, sparse, splotchy caterpillars had been transformed!! BUT Camille, being the brow genius that she is, wasn’t finished. Her perfectionism (loveeeee) helped her to notice spots that I couldn’t even pick out. She continued to “fix” things, until my brows were actual perfection. This level of pickiness is why you shouldn’t just go to anyone to do your permanent makeup. Camille wouldn’t have let me walk out of that office, had I not had the most perfect brows.


My finished product was/is more than I ever expected. I knew that my brows needed an upgrade and I truly despised having to fill them in every day. Microblading isn’t a cheap thing to have done and you know how thrifty I can be.. But after my experience, this is something that I will recommend over and over again! Before leaving the office, I kept gushing to Camille about how much I loved my brows and she goes, “just wait until you get out of the shower and look in the mirror, that’s when you’ll really love them.” No lie, when I got out of my first shower (post-gorgeous brows) I felt a whole new level of confidence. I was makeup-less and my face actually looked awake and refreshed. Normally, when I get out the shower and have no makeup on, I look like I’ve been sick for a week and just ran a 5k… And I know that I’m not the only one. I just can’t get over the difference having brows makes on my “natural” beauty. Not only does it cut down on my getting ready time, it also allows me to leave the house totally without makeup and I’ve never done that before.

I could go on and on about how much I’m loving these new brows, but I’ll just say this.. As not just a woman, but also a mom, I know how hard it is for us to treat ourselves. Hell, sometimes I have a hard time even making myself take time for a quiet shower. I may be a new mom and I may be judged for saying this, but it’s so true and so important.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t be our best selves. This means that we can’t give our all for our children, husbands, loved ones, etc. Taking care of ourselves, as women, is what gives us the confidence to do life. We are the best moms, when we take time for us.



To book your appointment, please contact Camille at:

Facebook (phone number listed): https://www.facebook.com/foreverlovelyllc/

Instagram: @forever_lovely_by_camille


Thank you so much to Camille, of Forever Lovely By Camille, for working with me and being the sweetest!


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my microblading experience!! I will have my follow up appointment in the next two weeks and I will continue to keep you posted!!






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